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Chopstick Rice

This successful brand is currently celebrating its 50th  year.

CHOPSTICK RICE has both a WHITE rice and PAR BOILED rice brand available and in both cases, its origin is 100% pure Thai premium export quality rice.

The brand is packed by RICE-TIC South Africa, based in Cape Town.

We specialise in catering for the Western Cape market with an appointed agent, based in Port Elizabeth.

The rice is personally selected, directly from the rice farmer’s paddy fields, then extra well milled. Thereafter, it is graded, sorted, double-polished and double cleaned, under our most careful supervision, before being safely shipped to us.

We pride ourselves with our ongoing determination to procure only the finest premium quality, Thai Par Boiled Rice, so as to ensure its brilliant appearance and perfect cook up.


Paddy Brand

This well renowned & trusted brand was first brought to the market 60 years ago.

The appropriate brand name originated from the agricultural theme, of the rice “PADDY” fields.

PADDY was extended decades ago, to include a wide selection of premium quality varieties, including  beans, pulses, legumes, desiccated coconut, soup mix, samp & beans, pearled barley, pearled wheat, popcorn, sago, tapioca, brown rice, aromatic-jasmine rice, a variety of Basmati rice’s, white, brown & sela and our prized, unique & exclusive PADDY Rice Bran Oil.

We tirelessly continue to investigate the adding of new & interesting lines, especially those which are vegan & vegetarian-friendly & those supporting the international  “green” movement. We want to add more lines which are welcomed by consumers searching  & opting for a healthier eating lifestyle. These products, where applicable, have been approved by the Heart & Stroke Foundation.



ALabama rice

The pride & joy of our range.

This premium quality Thai Fragrant White Rice is our most famous brand. It has a delightful aroma, which always cooks up beautifully & fluffy.

Rice-Tic South Africa will never ever compromise on this high-end quality variety, no matter how expensive it may become at the origin. Within the past two years, owing to both the strong Thai domestic & global demand, the price in Thailand of their FRAGRANT rice has increased by 80%+.

Thai’s believe this variety to be well recognized in the international arena, it has become more expensive to maintain the quality of their prized rice variety, as a result of climate change and their higher production costs.

There is only one Fragrant (Thai Hom Mali) crop per year. Rice-Tic South Africa goes to endless lengths, even by annually visiting the Thai growing eastern regions, to carefully ensure that our Thai Fragrant White Rice quality, specifically reserved for our ALABAMA Fragrant White Rice brand, is highly consistent throughout the year.

When discerning consumers discover ALABAMA FRAGRANT RICE, they never ever look back.